About New Chemical Products LLC

New Chemical Products is an innovative company specializing in developments in the field of chemistry and chemical technology, including the technologies of synthesis and production of organic and inorganic fluorine compounds. The company provides services related to research and development activities, the issuance of raw data for the design of chemical industries, the development of analytical support for chemical industries.

Our specialists are ready to carry out quick and with high quality the research and development work, development and optimization of chemical and technological processes, optimization of existing production, marketing and patent studies, and to organize experimental production of chemical compounds.

The company New Chemical Products LLC was founded in 2003 by a team of physics engineers, graduates of the Physics and Mechanics Department of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and chemical engineers, graduates of the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology. During the past 15 years, in the framework of contractual works, the company has conducted numerous R & D activities related to the production technologies of organic and inorganic fluorine compounds.

During this time the company New Chemical Products LLC cooperated with leading universities in St. Petersburg, research institutes, enterprises of the nuclear industry in Russia. In 2011-2021, New Chemical Products LLC was a resident of the Innovation Fund «Skolkovo». This status allowed to open access to large financial and technical opportunities, to get an opportunity to enter a new level of interaction with large Russian companies.

Since 2015, New Chemical Products LLC has received funding from a number of private investors firstly aimed to start laboratory researches, and now to create a pilot plant for processing depleted uranium hexafluoride in a flame of hydrogen-containing fuel and an oxygen-containing oxidant to produce anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.

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